Comments on Energy (Add Your Own)

At the Mountain Harvest Festival, over the weekend of September 24th and 25th, the artist Mick Lorusso invited festival goers converse about energy issues, sources, and uses. Lorusso and his friend Willow Good wrote quotes from conversations on tags that they tied to the Carbon Conserves jars containing local coal and fruit, two primary sources of income for the North Fork Valley. Some individuals also wrote quotes directly on tags in response to energy issues.

Below are some images of the Carbon Conserves jars with quote tags, some of which had contrasting comments on either side, such as “Coal mining puts people to work” and “Clean energy is the wave of the future”.  Under the images, is a typed list of other quotes from tags and excerpts from longer conversations.

Please add your own comments about energy in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page. These could include opinions on solar, wind, food, coal, natural gas, petroleum, biomass, and states of energy that we can experience as individuals and collectively. 


Other Quotes:

  • “No matter where energy comes from its got a cost. So the less the used the better. And its got a beauty. I think there are really cool things about these mines, all these rocks and fossils. They’ve figured out a good way to mine with a lot less impact than before. Same with growing all that fruit. It tastes great, people doing it organically. Its beautiful but its got a cost: using all that water, displacing all the native stuff, shiping it half way across the country using incredible amounts of gas and refrigeration.”     -Dev
  • “I was teaching a math class and we saw a coal train go by. We decided to calculate how much CO2 that load would put into the atmosphere. I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but it was at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds. That’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is that’s many poor people’s homes being heated and being supplied with electricity.”    -Dev
  • “We’re mining petrified dinasaur poop  and turning it into energy.”    -Rick, coal miner
  • “You have to have the good and the bad.”    -Rick
  • “Solar panels have more toxic shit in them than any coal mine makes.” -Rick
  • “From horses to coal, steam to oil, to natural gas, we seek the sun.” -Ed, solar energy expert
  • “Coal energy seems archaic.”  -Laura
  • “It keeps the lights on.” (in reference to coal)   -Gary, coal miner
  • “Well its here and we’re going to get it out of the ground one way or another. Thats the way its perceived, I believe. For the most part the way coal is being gotten out of the ground here I think is environmentally responsible. I couldn’t live a moment of my day without depending on energy and there’s no way of getting around the fact. I ride my bike, but how are those tires made? I can buy something that’s got plastic in it or try not to buy something that’s got plastic in it or try not to buy something with plastic, but where does that energy come from to make that plastic. Putting your head in the ground and saying you can live without coal is not being realistic. I think we can live with it if we work as a community and figure out a way to do it in an environmentally responsible way.”    -Sarah
  • “If we used what we only needed we might not be going through the problem we are going through now. The problem is that some people have heated driveways all year long, while some of us are trying to conserve electricity by turning off the lights and unplugging things.” -Sarah
  • “One of my goals is to have local fruit and vegetables year round.” -Sarah
  • “I think we need to go back to the simple life.” -Dafna
  • “Save energy so that you can save money.” -Marilyn
  • “I think the way that fracking is being done is outrageous” -Louie
  • “Calculate, Reduce, Offset, and Produce Clean Power. CROP.” -Allison
  • “My car broke down and I’ve been walking more, burning less gas, putting less carbon into the air, and I’m insulating my house.”  -Raymond
  • “We’re going to have to start conserving whether we like it or not because there’s not going to be any more fuel.”  -Hank
  • “Its the clean air act that’s causing all the coal mining here [in the North Fork Valley]. They mix the clean coal from here with dirty coal on paper back East.”   -Michael
  • “Its going to get stranger before it gets better.”  -Michael
  • “We have the cleanest coal in the country, low sulfur.” Steve, Oxbow coal representative
  • “We all need to work together, between the orchards and the coal mines.”  -Steve
  • “I think the mines are making a lot of money and could contribute to the green belts, such as park trails and river trails.”  -Roger
  • “How about Oxbow Mining providing solar hot water heaters for every resident in Paonia?” -Roger
  • “We get a lot of [coal] trains going through this town. I look forward to the diminishing of the trains.”  -Roger
  • “The sooner we convert to solar the better. The technology is there. I understand the financial investment of the coal companies, but its time to change.”  -Michael
  • “Too many people, not enough energy.”  -Randy
  • “I personally try to be environmentally conscious but I have empathy for the coal miners.” -Janie
  • “I don’t think an abrupt change is possible, but I think that the coal around here is better than most, low sulfur, and it supports the local economy.” -Janie
  • “Can the coal.” -Alisha
  • “I’d like to see the country move away from fossil fuels.” -Michael
  • “I think I’d rather have a pound of peaches than a pound of coal.” -Michael
  • “People don’t see the whole costs of fossil fuel energy.” -Michael
  • “I think that people need to be more conscious and reduce.” -Michael
  • “I think we’re going to Tesla energy, zero point, free energy.” -Nancy
  • “You never know when there’s going to be a global meltdown and you’ll need a can of peaches.” -Steve
  • “I think we need to use the alternative energy that we have and stop coal mining and oil drilling.” -Anonymous
  • “Its time we start drilling for more oil.” -Michael
  • “I’d rather burn calories than gasoline.” -Tricia
  • “Hemp is the answer to everything.” -Jacob
  • “I think global warming is just a bunch of bull.” -Denise
  • “I already have too much coal inside of my body.” – Anonymous coal miner
  • “Ultimately I don’t think we’re going to help things. I think the best thing for the planet is for humans to croak.” -Robert
  • “Its nice for people to be aware. First step is trying to figure out the world around you.” -Robert
  • “Its a shame that everything has to fit the bottom line.” -Robert
  • “Its our world so we have to take responsibility for it. If we all don’t step up its just not going to be there.” -Ginnie
  • “I could not survive on solar. You have to pay a $15 service fee to the electric company.” -Kathleen
  • “The more carbon we can sequester in good things like peaches, the better.” Paul
  • “If we could just figure out an environmentally safe way to extract coal and oil it would be better.” Jessie
  • “This display [of coal and fruit] makes me think of how much energy it takes to get that food to the table.” -Liz
  • “In this country we have a large consumption. Everyone’s got to cut.” -Marti
  • “We need both [coal mining and agriculture], the trick is to get them to coexist.” -Jerry
  • “We use too much energy, and a lot of people don’t think about it.” -Linda
  • “I like Paonia, with its calm, mellow energy. Balanced.” -Anonymous
  • “We used to live up by Boulder, and there’s an area where the coal mines are so deep they’re still on fire.” -Anonymous
  • “More sun, less gas, no killing.” -Nancy
  • “Every substance has its consequences. This is about potential energy, whether its coal or its fruit.” -David
  • “There’s somebody looking into coal as a compost.” -Michael
  • “If just one of those coal mines shut down, I would have to shut my doors. 75% of my business comes from coal mines.” -Jim
  • “I think it [coal mining] needs to be cleaner.” -Mark
  • “I know we depend on coal energy but I try to bypass it. I stay away from too much technology. I ride my bike to town to get food and ice.” -Mark
  • “We need the mining.” -Mick Kendall
  • “We’re messing it up real quick.” -Louis
  • “Digesting coal takes a while.” -Grasiella
  • “Keeping the focuon on energy, who has, uses it, and sources it will be the key to the future.” -Anonymous
  • “If humans could possibly be 1/2 as energy conserving as a pear tree!” -Mary and Bobby

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