Project Description

Potential Energy: Carbon Conserves is an art project developed by Mick Lorusso as an artist-in-residence with Colorado Art Ranch at Elsewhere Studios, in Paonia, Colorado. The project aims to spark community dialog about the sources and uses of energy, whether it be in the form of fossil fuels, renewable energies, food, money, or even emotional states.

Lorusso built a sculptural market stand containing jars of coal from local mines and canned fruits harvested from North Fork Valley farms, and presented it at the Mountain Harvest Festival in Paonia on September 24th and 25th. He encouraged festival goers to discuss and reflect on energy, and to contribute quotes for tags that adorned the “Carbon Conserves” jars.

This blog acts as a record of the quotes gathered over the course of the 2011 Mountain Harvest Festival, and as a site for further commentaries on energy. Have a look at what people have said in the North Fork Valley of Colorado, a region of coal mining, agriculture, and sustainable-living experts. Please contribute your ideas, concerns, and opinions about energy: coal energy, solar energy, fruit energy, gas energy, emotional energy,  life energy, bioenergy, and more.

To add your own comments about energy, go to the tab “Comments on Energy (Add Your Own)” on the menu bar, and leave a reply on that page.


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